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A Modern Day Impressionist



South-African Artist and Modern Day Impressionist. 

Mo Nique (in full ‘Monique Koning’) is a South African Artist with Dutch heritage. She grew up in Eastern Cape, South-Africa whereafter she lived in the Netherlands for 17 years before moving back to

South Africa.


She has done extensive paintings of Floral Bouquets, Landscapes and has recently been more focused on Portraits.

Many of her artworks have sold Internationally with most of her work selling in South Africa, USA & Europe.

Monique mainly uses oil paint as the softness, transparency of the paint, and the way the different colours mix fascinates her allowing her to paint with bold and self-assured brushstrokes.

Monique loves to experiment with her brush and palette knife, and is not afraid to try out a variety of styles and techniques.

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Art Studio: 17 Woodlands Road , Woodlands House, Woodstock, CT

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