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I am Monique Koning , born in December 1970, South Africa from Dutch parents . Grew up in Port Elizabeth.  After matriculating with 98% for art, I moved to Holland , where I lived for 17 years , studied there and had my three children . I am now a single mother and currently live in Wynberg , Capetown  with my children .

My ambition in life is personal success and achievement and to inspire others . To achieve status as a successful South African artist and to leave a legacy . I am self taught , but discovered at the age of 17 my gift and talent. Every time I became desperate I found release in my art , through the years social and spousal pressures  turned me away to choose art as a career.

After my divorce in 2010,  I found myself at the lowest ebb of my life and decided to go back to doing what I loved to do and through divine intervention discovered this was meant to be . Art is my love , my life , my expression and my passion.

Art chose me , I did not choose art .

I am eccentric,  expressive , passionate , playful  and spontaneous . One can see that in my painting style and subject choice . My still life of Roses ( flowers) are expressive , colourful , bold . I feel liberated when I paint them , as I love the symbolism of roses : Love , beauty , sensuality, passion , intrigue, the timelessness. The colours I use are vibrant and rich hues . I love the interesting contrast between  the shape and texture of the soft petals versus the pointed leaves and sharp thorns.

My female compositions are in honouring and celebration of the female form, the grace , the movement, the vulnerability and strength. I portray the female desires and ambitions, idealistic and nurturing.

My technique and style varies ,  as I love to explore with my brushes and palet knives . I use mainly oil paints as I love the softness , the transparency of the paint and the way the paints mix together . My brushstrokes are bold and confident  and with the palet knife I create my texture in my flowers . I sometimes use soft pastel colours in my backgrounds to create contrast with the vigorous bold , deep colours of the subject matter.  Whilst I paint , I play loud funky music and dance , it is part of my creative process and energy that goes onto my canvasses .

I feel honoured to have this talent and believe this is part of my destiny ,It has been a healing process at the same time , and even though life has its challenges and I do not close my eyes to the darker side of life , I hope to achieve a life in which I can brighten up peoples lives and motivate them to do what they are good at and be bold and brave to make choices which are not always easy , but will end up being inspirational and share happiness in this crazy world.

I resonate with Frida Kahlo,

“I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return.” - Frida

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” - Frida


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